Whirlpool-kitchen-accessories in Porur

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June 26, 2017

Whirlpool-kitchen-accessories in chennai

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June 26, 2017

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Whirlpool kitchen accessories 7

June 26, 2017

Whirlpool-kitchen-accessories in vadapalani

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June 26, 2017

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Whirlpool kitchen accessories 5

June 26, 2017

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Whirlpool kitchen accessories 4

June 26, 2017

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Whirlpool kitchen accessories 3

June 26, 2017

Whirlpool kitchen accessories in chennai

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June 26, 2017

Whirlpool kitchen accessories in chennai 2

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June 26, 2017

Whirlpool kitchen accessories

At Nivas ,we treat simple word Modern Kitchen used for the modern-day kitchen furniture layout which is especially designed to optimize the functionality and use of land effectively. These modern kitchens use various modules of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials and hold kitchen accessories inside.

The primary structure of a modular kitchen is extremely practical. The elements on the floor are called ‘base cabinets’ and serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop which is usually made out of marble, granite, tile or wood. The ones fastened on the wall for storage purposes are known as ‘wall cabinets’.

Over the past years, Nivas company has expanded its portfolio of products to include a range of end-to-end home styling solutions. The categories offered now include tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, wooden flooring, engineered marble & quartz and, of course, modular kitchens. Nivas spread across its manufacturing plants all over the country.

In addition, Nivas is also associated with hundreds of dealers, Thousands of sub-dealers and a large network of retail franchisees. Equipped with its future-ready R&D department, cutting-edge innovations and diversified product portfolio, Nivas is always ahead of the timelines. Making it the most preferred home lifestyle brand in India. Nivas attached with quality on providing kitchen elements to the customers in Chennai and other Major Metros in India.
Nivas Believes that “Nivas set out to change the life and ready to accept the challenges”

“Cozy design ideas for a Comfort life”

“Wow experience from our clients”

“I was totally worried of selecting vendor for Interior designing of my new home in Chennai. Finally my friend suggested Nivas is the best for interior designing and modular kitchen setup, Next minute I was there at Nivas I have met home interior designers, have explained my requirement and measurements of home , they have visited my home for the better idea. In Initial phase of development only I knew that my intuition is correct Nivas is the best. They designed the interiors which makes me very happy for my new home, my husband also very surprised after seeing the Nivas designing, he congratulated to the designers and developers separately. Nivas made my home as very beautiful with colorful curtains, cupboards, cabinets and more. I like their designs for glass finishing, wall finishing, decoration with flowers and more. Nivas is the best home interiors in Chennai even more it is biggest special package to me and my family.
Thanks Nivas, Thank you for making my home beautiful and peaceful.”

Home interiorGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

“Thanks Nivas!!! For making my home very aesthetic look. Nivas is the very right choice for designing for my home decorating. Nivas took less time for decorating my home of false ceiling and wall panel design. Nivas made false ceiling of my home with acoustic balance and control, they used mostly environment friendly material as Raw and can be reusable which shows their sustainability. Nivas integrated mechanical, electrical and plumbing work without damaging the aesthetic look, Indoor environment quality includes ventilation, VOC emissions, lighting control and more with outdoor view availability. Finally what I want to say is Nivas is the best for home decorators in Chennai.”

DecorsInstructor, Skate Nao

“Basically I am foodie, I like sweets, chicken and more. But very sad thing was I don’t know cooking, my wife is good cook so I wanted to give gift to my wife i.e., the modular kitchen set up, I have visited so many website’s and many designing companies I did not find the best, one evening I have visited Nivas website and read all the reviews and had seen maximum designing’s for modular kitchen set up then I reached to Nivas company and spoke with them. Their welcome itself is good, I thought their products will be the best, My view is in right way, they set up kitchen with all modern elements even more the kitchen space is less , they have fixed all the elements in less space only they utilized my space well and my wish came true by Nivas. Nivas helped very well in designing my modular kitchen, they used every feet in kitchen very well and designed in a way that reduces the cooking time. It designed kitchen furniture consists of modules of cabinets and they have made a beautiful arrangement of my house holds Microwave oven, dishwasher and more electric appliances. Nivas developments for very beautiful, reliable and durable. Nivas made cabinets and wall kitchens with beautiful polishing, harmless designs and easy to use. Thank you Nivas!!!!!”

Modular KitchenGreat Experience. This is one of its kinds, the concept of Moodboarding is wonderful, it helped us visualize a lot of new ideas before finalizing designs – and yes, it was affordable too!!

“Initially I thought Nivas is average for home furniture but after they designed my home furniture I decided that Nivas is only the one which can do like this means Nivas is the best in Chennai for home furniture. I have asked their designers that design library panel, study chairs and TV Cabinets for my home, they took very less time to design my furniture in way that library panel looks like panels in central library. They made multiple partitions for my panel to arrange different category of books and more, they used very beautiful light colors like cyan and grey, white and grey and different combination of colors. Study chair they designed with adjustable pins which any height person can use that, they place cabinets for study chair to place any books, CPU for computer and more. TV Cabinets with efficient space to place any size of TV and they gave some space which can arrange the DVD, 5.1 theatre setup and more. Nivas made my furniture with aesthetic look and can arrange many elements in less space. Nivas is always non comparable with any other Designers in Chennai.”

Home FurnitureCo founder, Coffee Inc

“Nivas made my kitchen very spacious by placing wardrobes as a large, tall cupboard which the clothes, kitchen items may be hanged or stored. I have showed my kitchen place to the Nivas and gave requirement like my kitchen should be modular, spacious and cozy look, finally Nivas has totally satisfied me by making my kitchen as modular with modular items and luxurious look by using German technology for their cutting and more. Thank you Nivas!!”

Wardrobes and kitchen

“Wooden kitchen is the kitchen where most of the items designed and developed with wood, Nivas uses mostly teak and plywood type of wood for making kitchen, wooden kitchen involves dining tables as 6 seater with wood and evaporative finishing, Cabinets made with strong wood at under wall arrangement of u-shaped, L-shaped and more customized designs available at Nivas. Mine is the L-Shaped they made very spacious, reliable and modular.”

Wooden Kitchentestimonial from nivas2

“Cabinets are the main design for the home that too it is sensitive for the modular kitchen because it has a lots of designs as L-shaped, U-shaped and more. Nivas has designed and developed very easily, mostly they used wooden material for my cupboards and cabinets by following Indian tradition looks, which makes me to cook easily because every material and raw items can be placed in cabinets easily. Thank you Nivas, Thanks making my work easy.”

Cabinets for kitchen testimonial from magnaa2

“Furniture plays very important role in home to show your dignity, Range and your tradition, furniture is integrated with home which involves wooden materials, glass materials like TV stands, library panels, Tea tables, dining tables and computer tables etc. Nivas modular furniture is very useful for easy way of life at home and to lead the luxurious and happiest life. Thanks Nivas for your efforts for my home.”

Modular home furniture

“In Chennai Nivas the best for designing and development of modern kitchen under our dead-lines, after I gave the design and my requirements to Nivas they started planning and designing for my kitchen even more they suggest many more designs for my L-shaped kitchen and dining tables, making spacious to arrange microwave oven, fridge, grinder and more. After Nivas designed my kitchen my cooking time reduced a lot because every machine is near to me so it is easy and fast way of cooking with Nivas modern kitchen.”

Modern Kitchen

“Wardrobes and cabinets are used only for the stored purpose even more they can arrange at any part of home where ever is needed. Nivas knows the importance of each and every good for home. So they designed wardrobes and cabinets with strong wood as per our requirements, I gave like less spaces with more self’s for more wardrobes and less number of cabinets with more space and more posh look, I asked them give some glass doors for 6-8 cupboards and cabinets they made it very clear idea designs. Great Nivas I heart fully appreciated your design and your work.”

Wardrobes and cabinets

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