Tips on light design for home interiors

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You might think of it as design cliché, but interior lighting designs for home  interior can truly elevate your space. Good lighting can immediately change the flow of space, ambience, and mood of your room. While natural light is always in vogue, artificial lighting in the form of tube lights, bulbs, etc. can reach corners that natural light doesn’t and can complement room size, furniture, and colour palette. With the right placement, you can transform the look of your interiors. Here are a few tips for interior lighting designs for homes that you can try for your space.

Make sure lighting is helpful

Before you begin buying interior lights for home, figure out what tasks you will be undertaking in each room and how lighting can aid or affect you.

Layer your lighting

Taking a layered approach to your lighting with multiple light sources across different levels can create the perfect ambience and add an interesting feature to your room. With the right kind of home interior lights, you can uplift your room and make it feel larger.




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