• Modular kitchen in Chennai

    Modular kitchen in Chennai

    Getting bored in the carpenter made kitchen? Worry about space management and item storage in kitchen? Are you searching for better options for kitchen remodeling? For all these queries only one solution is Modular kitchen by Nivas Home Interior in Chennai. Nivas Home Interiors in Chennai is the top most modular kitchen designer in Chennai with decade of years’ experience in Home and Kitchen interior decoration. With highly trained designer working under experienced faculty Nivas home interiors is the prime choice for modeling the kitchen.

    Modular Kitchen:
    Unlike Conventional kitchen, which are created or constructed on site by the carpenter, the modular kitchen are pre designed one. Modular kitchen are ease in terms of installation process and assembly. In nutshell, the kitchen with cabinet and Drawer are called Modular kitchen. NIVAS HOME INTERIORS create the modular kitchen with clients’ specification and then deliver it to the site when required.

    Advantages of modular Kitchen:

     Easy to install.
     Less hassle and planning required.
     Can be built externally before other work completion.
     Cost effective.
     Multi-purpose in function.
     Can be built in less time.
     Easy to assemble and dismantle.

    Popular types of Modular Kitchen Layout:

    In NIVAS HOME INTERIOR Based upon the kitchen work triangle which comprises of Hob, Sink and Fridge, the following layouts are available for your kitchen:

    L shaped:
     Commonly applied layout.
     Used for smaller homes.
     Small, compact, Provides maximum storage.
     Easily incorporation of dining table in small space.

    Straight `
     Slight deviation from work triangle as the layout is straight.
     Fits for small and large kitchen spaces.
     Compact, Unobtrusive and versatile
     Maintains optimum efficiency.

    U Shaped
     Apt layout for huge kitchen.
     Affords more storage and Countertop space.
     Very Versatile.

    Parallel or Galley
     Suitable for all types of homes.
     Wet and dry work spaces.
     Affords plenty of room for movement.
     Provides ample storage.
     Two long working areas facing each other.
     Contemporary look and feel.
     Very versatile
     Separate spaces for storage and cooking
     Ideal for open plan living and entertainment.

    G shaped or Peninsula
     Ideal layout for homes with small kitchen areas.
     Well defined boundaries.
     Separates the cooking space.
     Free standing workspace acting as secondary counter.

    Modular kitchen is a good concept in this modern era. It has many advantages to easy organize the cooking area, preparation area, storage area, cleaning areas in to separate areas.

    Nivas  home  interiors  – a  best modular kitchen in Chennai  find a fabulous  modular kitchen  works  by  providing a quality of home furniture  and master interior design. Today everything is looking to be modern , kitchen is  place  where a  women  loves to keep it beautiful and spend their time in kitchen so making them into gorgeous  kitchen . our home interiors and home decor  will  gather information and  requirement  from client.we will mainly designing wooden kitchen  to focus on the safety, within easy search and effective use of space to the clients. and our designers will  make a drawing of modular kitchen and list out the feature  need for interior like kitchen units : wall unit, base unit, corner unit, bottle unit and various shutter finishes, kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances, cabinet materials and counter top finishes. to make a jars and spices away from kids ,cabinets are placed at heights. Durability and water resistance are main factor for choosing the cabinet materials. All modular  kitchen is made up of quality wooden like solid wood, plywood and stainless steel.

  • Best modular kitchen in Chennai

  • Nivas home interiors make a modular kitchen design in  aesthetic  ways ,like U-shaped, L-shaped, Straight-shaped and Parallel-shaped Kitchen design. Most of our home interior projects are done in this designs. we made a design by users wish and price for each design may vary.
  •  Modular kitchen prices  will be estimated  based on  selecting the layout design like parallel shaped kitchen , materials for cabinets like homefurniture plywood and stainless steel, selecting type of cabinets like polymer and membrane ,  accessories like essentials and luxe and finally by selecting the appliances like chimney, oven and hob etc.  Also , the  price  will vary by choosing brand item compare to the approximate price to wooden kitchen. we will also made a modular kitchen cost per square feet.
  • Our Modular kitchen projects:

  • Modular kitchen in nungambakkam
    Modular kitchen in vadapalani
  • Modular kitchen cabinet:

    Nivas  home interior and house furniture  is  a well qualified team,  who think of the needs and taste of clients and provide a best interior solution. our objective is  to give a complete and satisfaction modern kitchen to the customer so we having a plenty of modular kitchen cabinets and wardrobes  for a luxury kitchen. Cabinets  involve creating a innovative drawers, shelves and shutters, is a place to keep the cooking utensils.

    For a modular kitchen ,we are using various woods : solid wood , are made up of rubberwood, teakwood etc. using solid wood to the modular kitchen gives a classic look and masterpiece work to the kitchen. veneer, are ideal for modular cabinets which provide a wide range and we made veneer in a high quality to give a perfect contemperory kitchen look. Acrylic shutter are made with variety of color and design to site the customer requirements and they are resistant. Lacquer give a client a gorgeous  high class  look with smooth design that take to a breadth. Planilaque glass, is a glass shutter combines appearance of lacquer  with the glass, there are eight shades of color. Laminate, our company uses a modern machineries which delivers quality product. laminate gives a product stylish and strong.

    Modular kitchen cabinets are categories into lower units,  lower corner units, upper corner units, tall units , shutter units and frames. kitchen cabinets  design is of both face outline and frameless  kitchen cupboard . our modern kitchen cabinet design is under face-outline cupboard, it offers  more productive space , more adaptability and have a comparative appearance.

    we had a theme for every modular kitchen design and how the home decors cabinets were used :  Aristo,  gives fashionable look with using a natural wood work. Stylus ,provide a  classy kitchen look and offers a combination of dark and white contracts. Glossy , give your kitchen with gorgeous  glass  shutters and top lift. Artize , is a theme of congo and Egyptian design with high quality. Smarteco  House furniture in chennai are made with best material and price sis more.

    Base cabinets are categories  into a  bottle pull outs storage units,  with a ergonomic width to store  bottle, jars etc. Hob base is placed below your hob or stove, is adaptable to be designed as drawer or shutter cabinet with shelves inside. Wardrobes and Kitchen cabinets should be made in sliding type for easy to access and bearing high load capacities of 30,50 kg. Wardrobes cabinets in kitchen have a secure panels as door with a removable shelves and available in multiple widths and single or double door options. Sink base is built up with aluminium base to protect from a water spilling and features with paneled doors and fitted with whirlpool accessories like bin and cleaning agents. Gas Cylinder designed mainly for India modern kitchen, this cabinets  are comes with the stands for cylinder and with the shutter doors.

    KitchenWall cabinets is a elegant top opening and contemporary kitchen design. Open cabinet provide you a flexible storage and door less for storing a high usage jars. Water filter wall cabinets is a distinct module to make a pleasing look to modern kitchen and made without a back panel. To give a Wooden kitchen storage for wet utensils from sink, designed Wet dishes wall cabinet home furniture are paced above the sink and made a option of side hinged or lift up doors.

  • Nivas  modular kitchen provides 1year free service and 5years warranty to the materials and product. we provide EMI for the work and product. we made a separate cabinet session for tall unit, corner solutions , Drawer systems, cutlery trays and pull outs.we try to make the process  much easier by guiding  in every step .Our solutions  are designed  to cook in an art form. our product and service are interior design for living room, master bed room , modular kitchen, Home furniture, wardrobes design and decor for false ceiling and wall panel.
  • Modular kitchen design:

    A  designed modular kitchen add a style looks to your home. Modular kitchen is a place where most of people from the outsider visits, a furnish kitchen are designed  to fulfill the client needs.  kitchen furniture makes easier to use the space better. we provide a wide range of modular kitchen design to get your choice. we are having more than 500 designs.

    kitchen are filled with full of healthy, delicious and various recipes of food. for such kitchen  we need to make a modular kitchen design and decoration. Designing a wooden kitchen with wooden furniture, cabinets, drawer etc. the simplest way to get a modular kitchen design is to have a planned design and good home furniture works. It is  simple to keep a drawer system for user, who can get the jars etc in an easy way. Designer should plan out the furniture set, cabinets, trays according to the usage of user style and execute it to the space of the kitchen.

    Modular kitchen shops-Vadapalani Chennai

    Modular kitchen Ideas

    TO make a  your kitchen more stylish, we provide you a modular kitchen ideas in a detail way. to get a modular kitchen , you should first choose the design , cabinets  which suits for your kitchen. First thing is select the design and cabinets work and to add into a modular kitchen, we approach ideas to client, to make their kitchen in a easy ways  are  cloak floor rugs  is  adding floor with a patterned rug by choosing texture and rich color and it should be easy to maintain and wash, updating hardware like changing the cabinet hardware ie, new drawer and knobs, Turning up the brightness to your kitchen by using lamps, LED bulks and lighting under the cabinets, making the kitchen with Go Green concepts  like spot  leafy plant will disappear your dull kitchen and decor the wall in a elevate look by keeping background for a  open shelves  and cover the cabinetry.

    Modular kitchen nungambakkam,Chennai

    Nivas  home interior and modular kitchen ideas  provide  a detail ideas  about modular kitchen and how we  model  it . First part is raw materials  we will guide you to get a best materials  with your budget requirement . Cabinet and shutter materials like waterproof plywood, MDF, glass etc, backsplash materials  we have a varies stylish  granite , quartz and backsplash tiles  for kitchen are terracotta style, shiny disco, pattern play, faux fashion and colored glass.  Accessories and fitting are most important for modular kitchen with type of drawer units, basket and fitting items like hinges and  modules to make  a comfort to client.

    Accessories for kitchen should be  designed for every need. Drawer  accessories  have a plate holder, Cutlery tray, Orga-line and Wicker basket . Drawer let you to keep your  plates, knives and vegetables in a particular drawers .

    Surface design of kitchen in a plain panel looks clean and smooth finish. Bevelled  surface design gives a unique personality  and classic to your kitchen. Glass surface design add  great  beauty to kitchen compare to other surface design and available in clear option with a aluminium and wooden frame.

    Gas  hob is a traditional one supplied from cylinder and available in glass and steel.  A  toughened  glass are perfect for contemporary kitchens and Now these is  most popular hob. Steel hob is easy to maintain and clean with varying no burners. Induction hob will give classic look to kitchen, are known to be a quick and energy efficient.

    Kitchen chimney is types of wall mounted, built under, island chimneys. Built under chimney  is mostly received in Indian kitchen , giving your kitchen  a seamless look and available in top brands .Island kitchen chimney becomes a central element  in modular kitchen and available in multiple design like curved, rectilinear , in glass etc.

    Appliances  like microwave, refrigerator and dish washer are built in and integrated  into your kitchen.http://nivashomeinterior.com/modular-home-furniture-in-chennai/

    LShaped modular kitchen

    Ushape Modular kitchen

    I shape modular kitchen


L shaped Kitchens are highly popular and practical. It offers an internal structure that offers a decor, ideal for cooking and other related activities.

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U Shaped Kitchens are efficient designs for homemakers looking for spacious and attractive Kitchen space used for cooking. cleaning and chit chat.

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Ideal design for smaller households with less space. We can give it a stunning look with complete functionality, Well nestled into the property.

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These corridor style kitchens, has a compact layout of appliances, sink and cabinets on create a small pass-through kitchen. we engage our creativity to pare your cooking lifestyle to the basics.

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These kitchens certainly add to the style quotient of your high profile home by making it more glamorous. Makes the kitchen look more spacious and aesthetic.

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Modular kitchens in Chennai have certainly become hugely popular and have caught the attention of the people. We are one of the pioneers in modular kitchens in Chennai due to our ability in decorating the heart of the homes. In Chennai people prefer our kitchens because of the durability of our products supplied and top class service .that we provide through our skilled carpenters who are hired on their experience and their quality of working. Our modular kitchens in Chennai are a balance of ethnicity and modernity: a sublime creation that is a combination of inspiring ideas, futuristic design and flawless execution. We got modular kitchens in Chennai into households with very competitive pricing when this idea of modular kitchens had not really caught on. Because of our practical designs and smooth operations we were well accepted and hence we have kept our prices very competitive without discounting on the quality.

“Cozy design ideas for a Comfort life”

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Modular kitchen-Home decors in chennai
Modular kitchen-house furniture in chennai
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“Wow experience from our clients”

“Basically I am foodie, I like sweets, chicken and more. But very sad thing was I don’t know cooking, my wife is good cook so I wanted to give gift to my wife i.e., the modular kitchen set up, I have visited so many website’s and many designing companies I did not find the best, one evening I have visited Nivas website and read all the reviews and had seen maximum designing’s for modular kitchen set up then I reached to Nivas company and spoke with them. Their welcome itself is good, I thought their products will be the best, My view is in right way, they set up kitchen with all modern elements even more the kitchen space is less , they have fixed all the elements in less space only they utilized my space well and my wish came true by Nivas. Thank you Nivas!!!!!”

Parthiban Modular Kitchen in Ambattur, chennai

“Much obliged to you Nivas for making my kitchen lovely and extensive with all viewpoints and courses of action. Nivas Developments are exceptionally useful for making tasty nourishment, Nivas made divider kitchens with awesome finishing, It made cupboards and cabinets with innocuous finishing, Nivas outlines and advancements are extremely moderate costs with incredible look and simple installments, Many electrical and electronic merchandise like Microwave stove, Dishwasher, Grinder and more can orchestrate effortlessly in your Modern Kitchen. Nivas is the main the organization can do these sort of miracles in making Modular Kitchen.”

Yuvaraj Modular kitchen in chrompet, chennai

“Thank you Nivas for creating my room lovely and spacious with all aspects and arrangements. Nivas Developments area unit terribly useful for creating delicious food, Nivas created wall kitchens with nice sharpening, It created cupboards and cabinets with harmless sharpening, Nivas styles and developments area unit terribly cheap costs with nice look and simple payments, several electrical and electronic product like kitchen appliance, Dishwasher, Grinder and a lot of will organize simply in your fashionable room. Nivas is that the solely the corporate will do these quite wonders in creating standard room.”

TrishikaModular kitchen in porur, chennai

“Thank you Nivas for making my kitchen beautiful and spacious with all aspects and arrangements. Nivas Developments are very helpful for making delicious food, Nivas made wall kitchens with great polishing, It made cabinets and cupboards with harmless polishing, Nivas designs and developments are very affordable prices with great look and easy payments, Many electrical and electronic goods like Microwave oven, Dishwasher, Grinder and more can arrange easily in your Modern Kitchen. Nivas is the only the company can do these kind of wonders in making Modular Kitchen.”

Arumugam Modular kitchen in Avadi, chennai

“Thankful to you Nivas for making my kitchen exquisite and broad with all perspectives and blueprints. Nivas Developments are particularly valuable for making top notch support, Nivas made divider kitchens with great completing, It made organizers and cupboards with harmless completing, Nivas diagrams and progressions are to a great degree direct expenses with extraordinary look and straightforward portions, Many electrical and electronic stock like Microwave stove, Dishwasher, Grinder and more can arrange easily in your Modern Kitchen. Nivas is the principle the association can do these kind of supernatural occurrences in making Modular Kitchen.”

KannanModular kitchen in nungambakkam, chennai

“Grateful to you Nivas for making my kitchen impeccable and wide with all points of view and plans. Nivas Developments are especially important for making first rate bolster, Nivas made divider kitchens with incredible finishing, It made coordinators and pantries with innocuous finishing, Nivas graphs and movements are to an awesome degree coordinate costs with remarkable look and direct bits, Many electrical and electronic stock like Microwave stove, Dishwasher, Grinder and more can organize effortlessly in your Modern Kitchen. Nivas is the standard the affiliation can do these sort of otherworldly events in making Modular Kitchen.”

RanjithaModular kitchen in chrompet, chennai

“In Chennai Nivas the best to configuration and change of current kitchen under our dead-lines, after I gave the system and my necessities to Nivas they began planning and suspecting my kitchen fundamentally more they propose various more outlines for my L-formed kitchen and eating tables, making open to deal with microwave stove, cooler, processor and that is only an indication of a more detectable test. After Nivas surrounded my kitchen my cooking time diminished an extraordinary procedure in light of how each machine is close me so it is quick and keen rationality for cooking with Nivas demonstrate day kitchen.”

HarishModular kitchen in vandalur,chennai

“I asked Nivas that figure my homeland smooth, But Nivas did not yield after my words!! They firm my starting point stately by generally described my each of the one imagined day as totally equipped and beginning as uncommon. Strikingly restoring Nivas, Thank you for making my home marvelous, an assurance of gratefulness is genuine together to endeavor more. I love their authenticity arranged for the finishing of dividers, Flower reshape and especially starting gone to meet maker the start. Nivas firm you overflowing with piss and vinegar in all percepts of your home inside parts. Grateful to you Nivas for making my kitchen clearing and wide by the greater part of all perspectives and plans. Nivas Developments are particularly basic for making overpower indent keep up, Nivas obliged divider kitchens by all of amazing completing, It constrained facilitators and Band-Aid rooms with certainly stable completing, Nivas diagrams and enhancements are to a stately degree settle costs with splendid notice and clear bits, Many electrical and mechanical stock gat a charge out of Microwave bed of coal, Dishwasher, Grinder and more gave a pink slip manage no uncertainty on the planet about it in your Modern Kitchen. Nivas is the hand worked the affiliation cut back do these in a particular degree proficient occasions in making Modular Kitchen.”

Sai BabaModular kitchen in Parimunai, chennai
  • Modular kitchen in Chennai

Modular kitchen designs

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